We are an Ethical Legal Societal laboratory focused on the
implications of AI for Media and Democracy.

At the lab, you can find a place for:

Fundamental Interdisciplinary research

Research in law, communication science, philosophy, humanities, computer science can help us understand the effects of AI in the public sphere, civic engagement, or inclusiveness. Here, the resulting insights can be applied, tested, contested in practice to turned them into actual services.

Imaginative Transformation

The AI, Media and Democracy Lab offers room for blue-sky thinking and imaging the transformations that AI and digital technologies will bring to media and democracy.

Responsible Artificial Intelligence

A key question we work on is what exactly ‘responsible use of AI’ in media and democracy means and what legal, socio-technical, and economic conditions are needed to make it function.

Media innovation

Our focus is to support the Dutch and other local media businesses creating customer experiences in (cross) media design and help media companies gain competitive advantages in relation to large, global tech platforms.

There cannot be a democracy without a healthy media landscape, there is no free media without a democracy, and the media cannot function without technology.

Our research themes

Blue sky thinking: the media of the future

Reshaping the relationship with the audience

Public values & AI

Creating the legal, ethical, and organizational conditions for AI in the media

The consortium

The combination of practice & theory cutting-edge research will allow us to solve but also anticipate future issues and develop timely solutions. The AI, Media, and Democracy Lab is a collaboration between interdisciplinary groups to anticipate tomorrow’s issues and spread this knowledge.

Other collaborations

Our collaboration goes beyond research and practice; we collaborate with media, municipalities, and fora spaces to engage with the broader public. In addition, our initiative leaders are directly involved in the NLAIC Media and Culture group, the DiSa, and other relevant national networks, such as fab labs and NESTA labs across Europe, expanding the cooperation to boost innovation in the media sector.

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