About Eric Pauwels

Dr. Eric Pauwels is a senior researcher at CWI and leader of CWI’s  Intelligent and Autonomous Systems research group. He has worked on various mathematical problems in content-based image retrieval, including segmentation and statistical learning applied to machine vision,  as well as clustering and anomaly detection in sensor data.  His current research focuses on the application of computational intelligence including optimization, data analytics and machine learning to decision making in decentralized and complex environments, such as multi-agent systems and smart energy or logistics systems.  Pauwels has been involved in numerous national and European projects (a number of which as coordinator) and set up several public-private partnerships (PPP) between CWI and industrial partners.  He has acted as founding chairman for the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics’ (ERCIM) Working Group on Image and Video Understanding, and as a member of CWI’s research valorisation team.