About Laura Hollink

Dr. Laura Hollink is a tenured researcher at CWI with an interest in both knowledge representation and human computer interaction. She obtained her PhD from Vrije University Amsterdam in 2006, where she studied usage patterns in semantic image search. After that she was Assistant Professor at Vrije University Amsterdam and at Delft University of Technology. Laura obtained funding from NWO, CLARIAH and the Netherlands eScience Centre and has served as work package leader in three EU FP7/Horizon2020 projects. Her project on linking media archives to political event data (PoliMedia) was awarded the first prize in the LinkedUp Challenge in 2013 and the Open Data prize at the LODLAM challenge in 2015. Laura initiated and chaired the USEWOD workshop series, which ran from 2011 to 2016 and became a benchmark for usage analysis on the semantic web. Her current research relates to the use of AI for the subjective, polivocal data in the cultural heritage sector. Laura is a founding partner of the new Cultural AI Lab, in which AI researchers collaborate with humanities scholars and cultural heritage professionals.