About Ph.D. candidate Valeria Resendez Gómez

Valeria, Ph.D. candidate at the Amsterdam School of Communication Research (ASCoR) and the AI, Media and Democracy Lab, is passionate about exploring emerging technologies in journalism, with a focus on conversational agents such as voice assistants like Google Assistant or Alexa. She’s particularly interested in the intersection between these technologies, human-machine communication, political communication, and current regulatory proposals for AI.

Valeria currently works on collecting empirical evidence for assessing legal frameworks on artificial intelligence in the news sector, which could have far-reaching implications for how we receive and consume news.

Before embarking on her Ph.D. journey, Valeria completed her master’s degree in Communication, specialized in Technology, at the University of Twente. She also worked in a start-up in the field of artificial intelligence and automation for enhancing customer experience in Mexico. During her time there, she had the pleasure to collaborate with Mexican institutions (CMinds, IA2030MX coalition) for developing AI in a responsible way.