About our postdoctoral researcher Hannes Cools

Hannes’ interest in emerging technologies started when he was working as a journalist. While covering big tech at De Morgen (DPG Media) in Belgium, he was inherently questioning its power and its impact on our daily lives. He thinks there is value in studying responsible AI in an interdisciplinary way because it spans legal, economical, social and cultural perspectives in a fundamental way. As a postdoctoral researcher at the AI, Media, and Democracy Lab of the University of Amsterdam and at the Digital Democracy Centre (DDC) of the University of Southern Denmark, Hannes’ research interests include (generative) AI, computational journalism, algorithmic recommender systems and newsroom innovation. 

Hannes is also an affiliated researcher at the Brown Institute of the Columbia Journalism School in New York City and the Communication, Culture and Technology Program at Georgetown University in Washington DC. From 2018 till 2022, he was a PhD-candidate at the Institute for Media Studies (IMS), University of Leuven where he studied AI in journalism.