About our student-assistant Ella Teuscher

Ella’s interest in media pluralism and emerging technologies in the media industry sparked during her minor in communication science. As a student-assistant at the AI, Media and Democracy Lab, her main responsibilities involve  setting up an editorial group and sharing lab milestones, opinions, and products with the public and external partners. Additionally, Ella has contributed to research within the lab. Beyond her work at the lab, she is an advocate for independent community radio, where information and music are curated by independent radio hosts rather than concentrated media agencies or music labels.

After having completed her bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Ella is currency pursuing a master’s program in cognition and neuropsychology at the University of Amsterdam. Ella joined the AI, Media and Democracy Lab to engage in interdisciplinary research, understanding how to set up and conduct research projects when working with individuals from different academic backgrounds. Ella will leave the AI, Media and Democracy Lab in July to pursue a thesis project at the Max Planck Institute for Cognition and Neurosciences in Leipzig.