About Manel Slokom

Manel has a background in computer science and is currently working as a part-time postdoctoral researcher at Human-centered data analytics group at CWI. Her interest in responsible recommender systems started during her PhD, which focused on purpose-aware privacy-preserving data for recommender systems.

Within the the AI, Media and Democracy Lab, she is investigating several questions related to bias, fairness, diversity and reliable evaluation in recommender systems. For instance, Manel is interested in what does it mean to provide fair recommendations, i.e., Fairness with respect to what and to whom? how can we detect biases present in the recommender system pipeline, i.e., bias in recommender system input, algorithm or output? How can we achieve diverse recommendations? 

In addition to  CWI and the AI, Media and Democracy Lab, Manel works part-time  (until May 2024) at Centraal Bureau voor Statistiek (CBS, Den Haag). At CBS, she works on investigating different use cases for synthetic data generation, i.e., data release, education, machine learning, and statistical disclosure control.