About Sara, our lab manager

As lab manager, Sara is the heart and soul of the AI, Media & Democracy Lab. Being the central point of contact between all our researchers, and public and societal partners, she enables the exchange of ideas by connecting stakeholders, organizing panels, and more. 

Now that the start-up phase and launch of the lab are behind us, Sara is focused on creating the right conditions for interdisciplinary and research at the lab and organises, among many other things, weekly knowledge sessions during our TuesdAIs at the Institute for Advanced Study. 

Moreover, she continuously reflects on what it means to be an Ethical Legal and Societal Aspects (ELSA) Lab and what it takes to implement the ELSA concept in our lab, from co-design and co-creation of solutions with stakeholders, to applying the sandboxing method to identify ethical, legal and social implications and technical requirements.

Sara has a background in political science, with an emphasis on international relations and transnational activism. Previously, she worked as a community manager for citizen science communities and an open data consultant. Sara also organizes the Masterclass Netpolitiek and Masterclass Internet Infrastructuur and is a board member of the Open State Foundation.