About Simone Ooms

Simone’s interest in emerging technologies like virtual reality and haptics started when pursuing her Industrial Design master’s degree. As a design researcher at the Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI), she connected the CWI research portfolio to the AI, Media & Democracy Lab and its partners. As of November 2023, she has initiatied a PhD at Utrecht University.

Simone is specifically interested in how emerging technologies fit within our everyday life and how to employ them in a responsible manner. For example, she has previously worked on designing Bulb – a scheduling companion robot for home-working students and FeelTheNews – including haptic stimulation in the news watching experience. In her current role, she expands her interests with CWI’s expertise on news quality content analysis, recommender systems, and network modelling. Through connecting the CWI portfolio with the AIMD Lab and its partners, Simone aims to spark valuable research collaborations on implementing these technologies.