DRAMA – Designing Responsible AI Media Applications

Project Overview

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing an increasingly important role in media organizations. Many media organizations are struggling with the question of how to handle AI applications responsibly. The DRAMA Project aims to guide media organisations in using AI responsibly and in designing, developing and deploying responsible AI applications by developing domain-specific ethical tools.

The research focuses primarily on developers (ICT professionals, data scientists, data engineers) and designers of AI applications in the media sector, and will be carried out at NPO, VPRO, RTL and the Institute for Sound and Vision. Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (HR), Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA) and Utrecht University of Applied Sciences (HU) contribute knowledge in the field of AI, design methodologies and technology ethics.

Media Perspectives is involved in strengthening broad dissemination among all media organizations in the Netherlands. This is done on the basis of three practical cases provided by media organizations:

  • pluralistic recommendation systems
  • inclusive speech recognition systems for the Dutch language
  • collaborative production support systems

The development of the ethical tools is carried out using a Research-through-Design approach with multiple iterations of information gathering, analysis, prototyping and testing.

The intended results of this practice-oriented research are:

  1. Accumulating new knowledge about designing responsible AI in media applications
  2. Developing ethical media-specific tools
  3. Enticing change within participating media organizations regarding responsible AI through close collaboration in research

Further Reading

DRAMA – Designing Responsible AI Media Applications

Pascal Wiggers, Mario Fuckner, Sophie Horsman