Natali Helberger and Nick Diakopoulos on ChatGPT and the AI Act

Is the AI Acts’s risk based approach the way forward for dealing with ChatGPT & Co?

Our director Natali Helberger and Lab member Nick Diakopoulos shared some proposals in their recent Internet Policy review essay.

It is not easy being a tech regulator these days. The European institutions are working hard towards finalising the AI Act in autumn, and then generative AI systems like ChatGPT came along. A powerful language model, trained on unprecedented amounts of data and able to engage in astonishingly diverse conversations – from writing movie reviews and poems to grading school essays, judging resumes or writing software code. Across a range of use cases and contexts, you ask in natural language and you get a smooth-sounding answer. Millions of people are already using it. And it’s for exactly these reasons that generative AI like ChatGPT challenges the current risk-based approach in the AI Act.

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