Out now: ‘Generative AI in Journalism’ report in collaboration with The Associated Press

(Associate) lab members Natali Helberger, Hannes Cools and Nicholas Diakopoulos have published a new report, in collaboration with The Associated..

Panel Discussion on The AI Act and its Implications for the Media Sector

As the first comprehensive law on artificial intelligence, all eyes are currently on the European Union’s AI Act. After an..

Invitation to ‘AI’s Impact on Society, Media, and Democracy’ two-day event on May 27 & 28, 2024 at CWI

How is AI impacting the media and our democratic processes? What can be expected in the near future, and what..

(Deadline expired) We are hiring a PostDoctoral researcher in Communciation Science!

Do you want to be part of the AI, Media & Democracy Lab? We are looking for a postdoctoral researcher..

The Amsterdam Paper: Recommendations for the technical finalisation of the regulation of GPAI in the AI Act

In July of this year, we co-organised a workshop together with AlgorithmWatch, with the aim to generate constructive suggestions..

Paper on AIMD Lab’s focus group approach accepted to ACM CHI 2024

The AI, Media & Democracy Lab will be represented at the ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems..

‘Meet New Methods’: Measurement Across the Sciences

“Meet New Methods” is a series of interdisciplinary sessions hosted by the AI, Media & Democracy Lab at the Institute..

One year of ELSA: A report of our first annual Community Meeting

Last year we started our trajectory as a Dutch Research Council-funded Ethical, Legal, and Societal Aspects (ELSA) Lab. Our overarching..

The Consensus Machine: A Provocative AI Tool?

What situations can AI tools be used for, and where do we draw the line? Is it possible to build..

The Future of Journalism Conference in Cardiff 2023

In September 2023, members of the AI Media and Democracy Lab participated in the ninth biennial Future of Journalism Conference..

First Junior Scholars Network Mini Conference On AI Infrastructures

We look back on a successful first mini-conference of the AI, Media and Democracy Junior Scholars Network. Network members from..

Regulating Generative AI in the AI Act: A Set of Recommendations

In July of this year, we co-organised a workshop together with AlgorithmWatch, with the aim to generate constructive suggestions..

AI for Democracy Talk at The 2nd International Workshop on Democracy and AI (DemocrAI 2023)

On the 20th August, AI4DEM lab member Valentin Robu from CWI gave a presentation of the work of the centre at..

Three Good Practices for Conceptualizing and Pursuing Responsible AI

At the recent Joint Computation + Journalism European Data & Computational Journalism Conference 2023 in Zürich, the AI, Media, and..

What we’re writing about Generative AI in the Newsroom

The past year, we have been lucky host Nicholas Diakopoulos (Professor of Computational Journalism at Northwestern University) at our lab…

‘Meet New Methods’: Keep Calm and Follow The Data

On Interdisciplinary Methods for Studying Platform Power The AI, Media & Democracy Lab is hosting a series of interdisciplinary sessions..

7 Core Conditions for Responsible and Culturally Sensitive AI systems

On May 24 the AI, Media, and Democracy Lab hosted a pre-conference titled ‘Building the Conditions for Responsible Human-Centric AI..

The Impact We Generate #3: Disinformation and Generative AI

In an effort to demystify the use of Generative AI, the AI, Media and Democracy Lab has organised a series..