The Nordic AI in Media Summit 2023

On Tuesday May 9th and Wednesday May 10th, our Lab visited and contributed to the Nordic AI Summit in Copenhagen. An opportunity to evaluate the state of AI in media, AI ethics, generative technologies and more together with many media organisations. Below are some highlights that you should definitely check out.

Natali Helberger on the legal and ethicals issues around the use of generative AI in the media:

“It is not ChatGPT, the technology, hacking language and democracy as some might claim, but those who let it happen, those in control and those who use.”

Or scroll through the slide deck below.

Claes de Vreese’s 5 points for successful collaboration between academic partners and media partners in the AI space:

  1. Invest up front in the relationship to understand what makes the collaboration a success
  2. Explicate goals, timelines and deliverables, finding middle ground between ‘all done tomorrow’ and ‘a dissertation in 3 years’
  3. Clear things upfront, but also ‘Just do It’; don’t wait for all details, dare to start and get going.
  4. Be confident enough to be vulnerable, the collaboration is about mutual learning, be open about what we do not know
  5. Keep the Line open: the generative AI roll out show the importance of being flexible and able to pivot

Nick Diakopoulos on going From Hype to Reality:

“Newsrooms need to be thinking about designing the future of work and how to hybridize human abilities, control, and oversight with the state of the art in AI capabilities.”

Or read Nick’s keynote article on Medium.

Image by Aimee Rinehart