The Eye of the Beholder: Transparent Pipelines for Assessing Online Information Quality

The Eye of the Beholder project aims to enhance the transparency and the explainability of information quality assessments. The Eye of the Beholder started in 2022, is led by the Human-Centered Data Analytics Group at CWI and is funded by the Netherlands eScience Center. It focuses on one specific class of information items, namely product reviews. Reviews are meant to provide second-hand assessments about the quality of products; however, their quality is diverse, and since they represent personal opinions, they are difficult to verify.

The spread of disinformation affects society as a whole and the recent developments in AI are likely to aggravate the problem. This calls for automated solutions that assist humans in the task of automated information quality assessment, a task that can be perceived as subjective or biased, and that thus requires a high level of transparency and customisation. The CWI, together with the Netherlands eScience Center, investigates how to design AI pipelines that are fully transparent and tunable by an end user. These pipelines will be applied to automated information quality assessment, using reasoning, natural language processing (NLP), and crowdsourcing components, and are available in the form of open-source workflows.

Further Reading

The Eye of the Beholder Project: Transparent and Actionable AI Pipelines for Information Quality Prediction
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Davide Ceolin,
Ji Qi