Three Good Practices for Conceptualizing and Pursuing Responsible AI

Photo by Bahareh Heravi

At the recent Joint Computation + Journalism European Data & Computational Journalism Conference 2023 in Zürich, the AI, Media, and Democracy lab organized a panel to discuss the challenges of conceptualizing and pursuing responsible AI. The panel brought together two academic leaders – Natali Helberger and Colin Porlezza – and two industry leaders – Rhianne Jones and Ulrike Köppen – within the field to discuss these challenges and potential ways to move forward. The panel was organized by lab members Anna Schjøtt Hansen and Valeria Resedez Gómez.

Based on the discussion, we have distilled three good practices for conceptualizing and pursuing responsible AI in the media sector. These good practices provide a starting point for how to think through these challenges and what practices are needed to succeed.

  1. The need to ensure an effective implementation of guidelines and practices for responsible AI through multiparty collaboration;
  2. The need for cultivating responsible decision-making practices within the organization;
  3. The need to utilize upcoming regulations for critical assessment of their own use of AI.

The one pager below presents our three good practices in full and contains more information on both the conference, the experts, and their positions on the topic.