What we’re writing about Generative AI in the Newsroom

The past year, we have been lucky host Nicholas Diakopoulos (Professor of Computational Journalism at Northwestern University) at our lab. During his sabbatical, Nick has launched The Generative AI in the Newsroom Project. The goal of this project is to collectively develop the capacity for responsible use of generative AI in news production.

While each contribution to the project is worth a read, we would like to highlight two recent contributions by our co-director Natali Helberger and Postdoctoral researcher Hannes Cools together with Nick Diakopoulos.

This contribution by Hannes Cools and Nick Diakopoulos investigates the potential guardrails for generative AI in newsrooms that are already out there. It also provides further suggestions for media organisations on how to approach crafting guidelines.

Recent discussions around the ethical and legal uses of generative AI have placed relatively little attention on the Terms of Use of Generative AI providers. With her contribution, Natali Helberger sheds more on light on this important aspect.